Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy Black Friday

back to black

An estimated 152 million shoppers turned out for Black Friday, met by smaller masses of the Occupy Movement; both parties ever-determined nation wide. While the buying creates much needed cash flow, protesters confront
the retail-corporate America, commercialization and extreme over-consumption. Arrests and reports of violence
have turned up countless across the country as
shoppers made their stand.
One extreme woman in California is reported to have used pepper-spray to out-shop her competition.

While the 99% remains relentless against the machine, a larger percent of Americans risked their safety for a piece of it. Many ask, "why bother when the same deals are available online?" Perhaps there are benefits of  actually shopping today, for the economy if not for the consumer. It may even be possible to please all in compliance with the sign of one protester, "Buy Local, Not Corporate." 

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