Monday, December 26, 2011

KWDoes the Holidays; Celebrate =)

Knit Wit Design celebrates success as the New Year approaches this weekend. One of my goals
before blessing the bubbly on the dawn of 2012 has been achieved, reaching 1000 fans for my brand.

Though 1K looks pretty sweet, this achievement is just the beginning for my KWD Vision.
In 2012 I hope to branch out my business online, basing my shop at Etsy. My brand has already found a
small home in trendy boutiques and with more fans I hope to close more sales through the internet platform.
Now my Knit Wits can be found both in select stores and even more easily shopped online.
Enjoy browsing

Monday, December 19, 2011

KWDoes the Holidays; PARTY POWER

inspired by INTO THE NIGHT with armani exchange
Amidst gifts, decor and hors d'oeuvres being bought
with the holiday spirit, the perfect party dress awaits...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Duh, Winning... ;)

Presenting, winning style sets by Knit Wit Design on Polyvore...
One of my KWD New Year's Resolutions is to achieve some 1st and 2nd place trophies.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

My LiL' Shoppe of 'Morrow

Knit Wit Design, Hand-knit Jewelry of the Future...

Shop Now

Saturday, December 10, 2011

KWDoes Decemeber, a poem...

The new year approaches as December has always anticipated, and people, we all, embrace for change.

Millions upon millions of resolutions are being prepared world-wide to be set afloat by champagne bubbles rising from clanking toasts, heading high with the hopes of
being fulfilled.

However, the prelude can be pensive.

December dawns in darkness, driven by winds that determined, cannot be stopped at delivering the next
I call this poem December
(written December 10th, 06)

I spend many hours alone in my room,
enclosed in this room.
with nobody else, i have only myself,
or at least I can have what is left.
But sometimes I love it, But sometimes I HATE
and then there are times when I cry.
How deeply I cry...
I wish I would die, how lovely to die
and this room would be empty inside!
...but then when I'm through
with my dry
swollen eyes
I feel such a drive, such a wonderful drive,
and I smile that I'm still alive.
I could conquer the world at those times.
What a strong little girl at those times.
And I open my door,
always ready for more at those times.

So I open my eyes, then I open them wide
to see that the world is so vast.
I see that its spinning so fast!
The world spins around me,
so quickly around me
I wonder where it will go...
but with so many people
running by other people
I don't think that anyone knows.
Does it matter where all of this goes?
So now I'm running again, to keep up with the world
and I can't stop to look at its faces.
We're all going at different paces
each of us running our races
too busy to care about faces.
So if somebody stops, if somebody drops
the world will go on just as fast
and the ones who stop become part of the past
assuming, they were part of the present.
We run to stay warm, I think as I run, to stay warm in a world that seems colder.
But maybe the world is always the same and it's I whose only grown older...
with many more years up ahead.

So young and so old as I run with the world
sometimes I forget that I'm only a girl;
a girl among many about to be ready,
have I started running too soon?
And now I'm running with all of this weight on my head.
And I'm falling behind in this world full of races
I just want to go back to bed
I'd run all the way backwards, to be in my room again.
But, halfway to the ground, as I'm falling behind
I, once again find the will to survive.
It was not in my room nor the world, of all places,
I found my own will buried deeply inside,
kept safely away from the world and its races.

The will to survive keeps me alive,
and makes it okay to close both my eyes.
No, I'm not blind, I'm just looking inside
where everything was from the start.
I had it all in my own heart.
And I don't have to run, not to nor away.
What I want is life from each day.
I love everyday.
Beauty is ugly as gold attracts thieves
but nothing's more simple than this.
Nightmares are still someone's dreams.

True that world spins, too quickly for some,
but now I can laugh at us trying to run. :)
inspiration for 2012

Friday, December 2, 2011

K.W.D.oes the Holidays: Exclusive Collection

-"T'was the Knit before stitching and all through the loom, yarns wrinkled and twinkled and linked all in tune"- 

After a successful Fall at the Style Shop, Knit Wit Design celebrates the

holiday season ahead, with an exclusive collection available only  ONLINE

★° • ○ ° ★
  This unique jewelry is all hand-knit and one-of-a-kind,
embellished with thoughtful accents including vintage
★°  • ○ ° ★

Purchase the perfect party pairing for personal wear and fulfill smart-gift needs; DEFEAT THE HOLIDAY HASTE

Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Xmas

Go GREEN and invest in an artificial tree this Xma$s

Friday, November 25, 2011

Occupy Black Friday

back to black

An estimated 152 million shoppers turned out for Black Friday, met by smaller masses of the Occupy Movement; both parties ever-determined nation wide. While the buying creates much needed cash flow, protesters confront
the retail-corporate America, commercialization and extreme over-consumption. Arrests and reports of violence
have turned up countless across the country as
shoppers made their stand.
One extreme woman in California is reported to have used pepper-spray to out-shop her competition.

While the 99% remains relentless against the machine, a larger percent of Americans risked their safety for a piece of it. Many ask, "why bother when the same deals are available online?" Perhaps there are benefits of  actually shopping today, for the economy if not for the consumer. It may even be possible to please all in compliance with the sign of one protester, "Buy Local, Not Corporate." 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

KWDoes the Holidays =)

Knit Wit Design presents a new holiday collection of hand-knit jewelry mixing up-cycled and recycled elements in each unique piece. Launching at a designer event hosted tomorrow evening at F.I.T's The Style Shop, this exclusive collection will be available for a limited time through December 8th.

See your invitation to Shop, Meet & Greet for details.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Check out Knit Wit Design jewelry and other crafty designers at the Style Shop, NYC.
   The Fashion Institute of Technology
Weds. Nov. 16th 2011 5pm-8pm

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Le Knit Nouveau

Knits are funky and fabulous for Fall.
~featuring a composition of knitspiration including Fair Trade items and knitted accessories~

Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Urban Halloween

New York City offers countless opportunities to celebrate Halloween, this October 31st.
The infamous Parade in the Village will be the highlight of the showcase, inviting all in
costume to
participate in the line-up or watch the spectacle live.

Many will begin celebrating Halloween with the weekend kick-off tomorrow, October 28th.
  Join me at Draft Bar to party with native NYC DJs One Wacked Mug & Katrillion
as they host an all-night spooked out spin battle. 

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Design Diary; next dress

A soft print jersey in nude tones inspired the design above for an evening look that is both sexy and subtle. An assymmetric sleeve provides style and grace while princess panels with shirring all around direct attention to the feminine figure.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Think Pink

Pretty in Pink Circus Couture takes a 4th place win in a recent collage art contest.

Shop for what's haute ;) and play with your own style at

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Design Diary

a modern affair

Presenting, an original cowl top design with straps and a sweet-heart neckline
paired with wool-blend bloussant trousers in a modern color combination for fall.
Suggested over a jersey knit long-sleeve top.
 Sarah D.sign

Monday, October 17, 2011

McQueen for Halloween

U R Goddess
 Skulls by McQueen are perfect for Halloween :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

HOWL-oween {then & now}

The countdown to Halloween begins as we round out the second week of October.
 All Hallows' Eve began with the Celtic tradition of lighting bonfires and dressing in costumes to ward off any unwanted spirits on the last night of October. During the 700's the holiday was adapted further by Pope Gregory III who assigned November 1st as All Saints Day, honoring saints and martyrs. All Hallows Eve continued to mark the superstitious prelude, encouraging all to participate by donning costumes. Halloween has evolved into a secular holiday celebrated in fun by many world-wide.
This year in America, it is estimated that 15% of people dressing up for Halloween will also dress their pets.
Here's a few matching costumes I found to inspire your own creativity.
I will be making my own costume, as many are also expected to do in an effort to save money this
Halloween. Feel free to contact for ideas, how-tos or custom-made, up-cylced designs for yourself :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall 2011 : KWD @ Style Shop F.I.T.

The Style Shop is a student-run boutique housed within NYC's legendary, Fashion Institute of Technology.
This fall marks the Shop's Sweet 16th year in business, selling student work alongside industry pieces and
special vintage items.
Student-buyers select the merchandise ranging from clothing to jewelry,
most of which is handmade.

Knit Wit Design @ the Style Shop:

Hand-made is the definition of my Knit Wit Design jewelry collection, for sale at the Style Shop, a third consecutive season.

My featured items are not only hand-knit but also made from recycled yarns and up-cycled with vintage embellishments.
The first week at Style Shop is off to a great start with some sales already and I can't wait to restock with fresh items for Halloween and the Holidays. :) 

Check out KWD and other
emerging designer brands at
27th street @ 8th avenue, NYC.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Princess Style

Dress Like a Princess

A collection of classic Disney princesses have been featured on Vogue covers by
Coco Perez, celebrating the connection between feminine fashion and fantasy.
This fall, be inspired by princess style daily and even for Halloween approaching.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Circus Couture; a class act

circus in the city ; October 20th - January 8th

circus couture has class

Out with the runways and in with the Big Top at NYC's Lincoln Center. Next month,
the Big Apple Circus will return for its 34th season with a new show, "Dream Big."
The two hour sequence of performances rely heavily on the talents of human actors,
while the featured dogs and horses are "treated as equal professionals."

The Big Apple Circus is a non profit organization behind the scenes,
offering a variety of outreach programs which help the community.

Plan your NYC Big Apple Circus trip online and and learn more.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Week NYC : Happy Endings

Marc Jacobs closed the curtain on NYC Fashion Week '11, with his show held at the Lexington Avenue Armory in Manhattan. His collection remained true to the common thread this season, expressing recession-chic.

The inspiration; twenties flapper with his own aesthetic reflected in basic silhouettes.
While some perceived the individual garments as "flat", each overall look was uplifted by color and fabric.
Clearly sheer, many runways this season were see-through, further emphasizing the thinness of our skin in a dwindling economy. Fashion Week '11 draws to a close, at least delivering beauty to a time of otherwise uncertainty.


However, Mr. Jacobs had other matters on his mind while his models worked the collection. He was dressing to impress for sure, as he is also in the running to inherit the coveted position of couturier at Dior, which was formerly held by John Galliano. Although true couture is an endangered species of fashion it is the blood which runs through all designers and hopefully Marc Jacobs can replenish it.

Headlines will continue to follow the negotiations to reposition the Dior house on the fashion map and perhaps change the course of couture.

view the full collection

PHOTOS provided by STYLE.COM

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Week NYC : Best of Betsey (SS12)

NYC Fashion Week is in full swing at Lincoln Center with a back to back list of shows that must go on.
Among these productions so far, my favorite designer, Betsey Johnson presented her Spring '12
collection yesterday at 6pm, providing a live video stream for all to be enamored. Charm saturated
each look that emerged from the keyhole entrance and then down the runway.

Long legs and mischievous bras revealed sexuality, cleverly coated in sugar.
Pink lips and glimpses of femininity are an exciting catalyst to the luscious looks.
A modern day Alice, and every girl with a dream can wear these clothes.

The barbie-doll punk edge is credited to Nicki Minaj for inspiration.

Bold prints and colors deliver impact to the scantily paired, dreamy and elusive sheers.

Floral and leapord unite with shine and shimmer for Spring 2012.

Watch the live video highlights and view the full collection online.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Twin Powers:a fashion tribute

overhead view of the progress memorial in progress, constructed in their shadow (photo taken 6/11)
the exhibit and reserve tickets in advance, online.

The WTC museum opens to the public today, September 12th, 2011.

The beauty of fashion lies within its individuality. Twin looks can reflect as many styles

as the people that wear them, each in a different way. Our twin towers, which stood at
their own heights only one decade ago, no longer grace the NYC skyline.
The spread above was inspired and created in their honor.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Morning After... FNO11 Report

Last night, the streets of New York City were trampled, stomped and cat-walked by shoppers in the pursuit
of fashion. From midtown to down-town, boutiques opened doors after hours to host the third ever annual
Fashion's Night Out. 

I joined my closest fashion colleagues for our own adventure in Soho. We
ditched the stand-still traffic cab at the corner of Broadway and Spring, and were immediately engulfed by the crowds.

Our first stop: Mango; a European style boutique offering edgy street fashion. Beers in hand, we cruised the store finding several sources for knit-spiration.

A few doors down at Guess Marciano,
we met one of their many muses and watched a guest designer create T-shirts on the fly.

Sephora was packed and pumping as well, with hourly raffles of their newest cosmetic specialties. We also shopped Victoria's Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, and a few other boutiques on the strip. Many places were at capacity with lines around the corner, like Prada, to name one of the heart breakers.

and so commences yet another NYC Fashion Week.
I look forward to seeing what comes down the runways.