Tuesday, August 16, 2011

KNITspiration, for (F)ALL ...

Welcome to my Knit Wit Design Blah-gg! 

   Knitting is defined by the Dictionary as: "interlocking loops
or other yarn with knitting needles or by machine." Knitting is also defined as "becoming united." For me and my jewelry, knitting has meant both.
   I realized furthermore, that one of the first common threads among humans was the need to clothe ourselves and in response, we knit.

   Hand-knitting has shifted over time from beginning as an absolute necessity and progressing with various techniques to a point of near extinction, when machines became the fashion industry by the 1980’s.

    However, knitting has always remained a hobby of many in its theraputic repetition,
joining people and yarns. Today knitting has begun to re-emerge in fashion,
inspired by the chaos engulfing our world.

The pure and simple knit stitch from our past regains momentum to rejuvenate the consistency we lack in nature.
I create hand-knit jewelry using these back-to-basic methods and each piece comes off
my sticks unique and special, crafted with love in every stitch. I then adorn each item with my native NYC style, in the form of vintage and recycled embellishments that relate my
Knit Wit Designs to fashion.

Enjoy the Jewelry, Fashion and my blog for continual KNITspiration and shared knowledge.

Sarah D.

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